Ya Veremos (2018)

Santi is a child who has had to deal with the separation of his parents, Rodrigo and Alejandra. They are required to see each other from time to time, as they share their child’s time. One day they receive the news that Santi must undergo surgery so as not to lose his sight, so Santi makes a wish list to fulfill them together with his two parents, before the operation.

Genres: Drama

Country: Mexico

Language: Spanish

Release Date: 31 August 2018 (USA)

Director: Pitipol Ybarra (as Pedro Pablo Ibarra)

Writer: Alberto Bremer

Stars: Mauricio Ochmann,  Erik Hayser,  Ariel Levy


Mauricio Ochmann Mauricio Ochmann Rodrigo
Ariel Levy Ariel Levy Dr. Ernesto
Fernanda Castillo Fernanda Castillo Alejandra
Erik Hayser Erik Hayser Enrique
Arturo Barba Arturo Barba Anestesiólogo
Estefanía Ahumada Estefanía Ahumada Irma
Marianna Burelli Marianna Burelli Enfermera
Paco Rueda Paco Rueda Enfermero Ignacio
Jorge Caballero Jorge Caballero Hombre Dark
Emiliano Aramayo Emiliano Aramayo Santi
Rodrigo Cachero Rodrigo Cachero Dr. Rubén Darío
Denisse Prieto Denisse Prieto Recepcionista
Camila Ibarra Camila Ibarra Mujer Dark
Miguel Burra Miguel Burra Empleado tienda DVD
Miguel Alvarez Miguel Alvarez El Pitón

Review Scores

  • Wants to see - 9