Kim Kardashian Reveals She Was Nude When Donald Trump Called To Say He Freed Alice Johnson

Kim Kardashian appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and revealed that she was completely naked when Donald Trump called to let her know he freed Alice Johnson. We’ve got the reason why.


Kim Kardashian, 37, hit up Jimmy Kimmel Live on July 30 to flaunt her slimmed down 119 pound body in a big way. She wowed in skin-tight black velvet leggings and a one-shouldered black crop top along with a new short bob haircut. She talked about how she was in the middle of doing a racy nude photo shoot when President Donald Trump, 72, called to tell her he had taken her advice and commuted the life prison sentence of first time non violent drug offender Alice Johnson, 63. The reality star didn’t want to talk to the president while totally naked so she said she quickly grabbed a robe to take his call. Kim revealed that she did NOT let Trump know that she was nearly nude at the time she was talking to him. Though he’s probably smiling about the thought of it now!

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