Watch Patrick Stewart Announce His Return as Jean-Luc Picard in New ‘Star Trek’ Series

CBS All Access series will seek out “new life” for Picard “when I thought that life was over,” Stewart says

Patrick Stewart is making a comeback as his iconic character Jean-Luc Picard in an upcoming new “Star Trek” series for CBS All Access to join the year-old “Star Trek: Discovery,” the star announced on Saturday.

Stewart made the announcement in a surprise showing at the Las Vegas “Star Trek” Convention, and shared it soon after on Twitter. You can watch his appearance at the convention above.

“I will always be very proud to have been a part of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ but when we wrapped that final movie in the spring of 2002, I truly felt my time with ‘Star Trek’ had run its natural course,” Stewart said. “It is, therefore, an unexpected but delightful surprise to find myself excited and invigorated to be returning to Jean-Luc Picard and to explore new dimensions within him. Seeking out new life for him, when I thought that life was over.”

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